UNSW Online Account


Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the use of your Monitor Account or a credit card when paying for:

• Printing, photocopying and scanning

• Library fees and fines If you use your UNSW ID Card for these services, you are taken to agree to these terms and conditions of use.

Note 1: for community borrowers, your use of the Library ID card is the equivalent to the UNSW ID card for the purpose of these terms and conditions and these terms and conditions apply accordingly.

Note 2: Payments by means other than your Monitor Account or credit card remain available:

• The Monitor front counter will accept payment by EFTPOS for depositing money into your Monitor Account or payment of Library fees and fines.

Note 3: These terms and conditions may change, any changes will be effective 7 days after first appearing on this website. Monitor Accounts (Printing Account)


1. UNSW will automatically create Monitor Accounts for UNSW Staff upon commencement of employment, for Students upon enrolment and for Community Borrowers upon registration with the UNSW Library.

2. You may deposit funds into your Monitor Account for the purpose of paying for: Library fees or fines in the UNSW Library or, printing, photocopying and scanning services in the UNSW Library and Faculties of UNSW.

3. UNSW will hold Funds deposited by you into your Monitor Account until they are spent by you, or refunded by UNSW if refund conditions are met as stated in the section “Monitor Account Refund Policy” of these terms and conditions.

4. You cannot withdraw funds from the Monitor Account in cash or by electronic transfer to a bank account at any time, except for termination of employment, enrolment or graduation from UNSW. Your balance must be more than $10 to receive a refund.

5. You understand and agree that your UNSW ID card cannot be used to obtain cash or cash advances from your account under any circumstances.

6. You agree to pay any printing, photocopying or scanning costs which are debited to your account if your account goes below zero. This may occur as a result of the system or one of its readers being off-line. Monitor Account Refund Policy

7. You may request a refund of the entire balance of your Monitor Account upon graduation or official withdrawal from UNSW by completing a refund requisition form and showing proof of identity (UNSW ID card). UNSW will close the Monitor Account when a refund is requested in order to verify the balance available to refund. From this point the Monitor Account will not be available for use, nor can it be re-activated. Following verification of the balance held on your Monitor Account, UNSW will credit the refund to a registered bank account or credit card held in your name.

8. UNSW will not provide partial refunds of your Monitor Account under any circumstances

9. UNSW reserves the right to close any Monitor Account that has been inactive for a period of 24 months. UNSW will hold the funds in inactive accounts for 6 years, before transferring to the Office of State Revenue.

10. You must pay all outstanding Library fees and fines and any debit balance under paragraph 6 before UNSW will issue a refund.

11. Payment for Library fines charged for overdue Library resources will not be refunded under any circumstances.

12. If you return a borrowed UNSW Library resource after paying the replacement fee, you may request a refund of the fee from the Library information desk located at Level 2 UNSW Library building. Late fees that have been charged in addition to the replacement fee will still apply and will not be refunded. Documentation of Activity

13. You can request a receipt at the time of purchase if the point of sale terminal is equipped to provide a receipt.

14. Some locations including copiers, printing stations and vending readers are not capable of providing receipts.

15. The remaining balance in your Monitor Account is displayed at every point of sale terminal each time the account is accessed.

16. Occasionally the account balance is not available at a card reader. During these times, you can check your Monitor Account balances online at https://recharge.it.unsw.edu.au/MyMonitor. Help Procedures

17. If you have a problem with a print, copy or scan job please see the Staff at the Monitor front counter who will attempt to rectify the problem .There will be no further charge for re-done unsatisfactory work where the problem is due to a fault in the UNSW equipment or materials.

18. The Monitor front counter is located in the main entrance to the UNSW Library, Level 2. Phone: (02)93853757, email: monitorunsw@monitorbm.com.au

19. If you have any problems using the Recharge site to deposit money into your Monitor Account or to pay Library fees, please contact the Monitor front counter staff and provide details including your Z ID, and receipt details (if applicable). The Monitor front counter may request that you visit them and present your UNSW ID card to prove your identity.

20. The Monitor front counter staff may need to contact the UNSW Library or UNSW Treasury in order to resolve problems encountered with credit card transactions and payment of Library fees or Monitor Account. YOUR UNSW ID CARD, PASSWORDS, THE LIBRARY AND UNSW IT SERVICES Other information relevant to the terms and conditions and use your Monitor Account is provided here. Use of the UNSW ID Card

21. For conditions of use for UNSW ID cards, please refer to the “Student ID Card – Conditions of Use” and “Staff ID Terms and Conditions“ links on the MyUNSW website.

22. For lost or stolen UNSW ID card procedures, please refer to the “ID Cards and building access” link on the UNSW Facilities Management Website.

23. The UNSW ID card will be used for printing by swiping the ID card through the magnetic strip readers attached to printers or print release stations.

24. The UNSW ID card will be used for borrowing UNSW Library resources by scanning the barcode on the ID Card either at a Library Loans desk or self service borrowing station. Use of UNSW Library Borrowing Service

25. Please refer to the UNSW Library “Conditions of Use” link on the UNSW Library Website.

26. For a definition of Library entitlements, please refer to the following UNSW Library website link: “Your borrowing rights”

27. For a description of fines charged by the UNSW Library and the implications of not paying Library fines please refer to the following UNSW Library website link: “Fines and Penalties”. Acceptable Use of IT Resources and Unipass and Z-Pass

28. Please refer to “Acceptable Use of UNSW IT Resources – Policy” for terms and conditions for use of UNSW IT facilities.

29. You are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your UniPass and Z-Pass.

30. You are entirely responsible for any and all activities that occur under your UniPass and Z-Pass.

31. You agree to notify the University immediately of any unauthorised use of your UniPass and Z-Pass or any other breach of security.